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"Dr. Yan Xin is a sage of our times."
 --U.S. President George Bush, 1990
"These experimental results (by Dr. Yan Xin and his coworkers) are a first in the world. They unequivocally demonstrate that without touching substances, the human body  can affect them and change their molecular structures and properties...They are new scientific discoveries and the prelude to a scientific revolution."
--Dr. Qian Xuesen (Tsien Hsue-Shen), 1987
Chairman of Chinese Association of Science and Technology, former Goddard Professor at Jet Propulsion Lab of California Institute of Technology, author of Engineering Cybernetics, and founder of modern Chinese aerospace science.
"Yan Xin Qigong effects in health, education and society have been demonstrated by both scientific studies and personal experience..."
--Governor Bill Owens, the State of Colorado, 2000 
Granting August 19, 2000 as Yan Xin Qigong Day in the State of Colorado.

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